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Recruiting time!

Also Mioo is planning pvp event based on Glacial Masters vs Elemental Bombers! Keep checking site for update!
Guild News

WooT revolution is HERE!!

MuMu, Jun 27, 12 4:41 PM.
ok guys lots of new events (took me forever just to type them up) all on under game event and summary of wut they are about
new avas in shop with ALOT of cool stuff (hoping to grab one or 2 myself)
and sadly i dont got time to add events into calendar yet ill get to that later hopefully by tomorrow
soo damn excited and i hope to see you online!
ill shout out new characters name in shout box when i get to make him!

Inactive members removed! Follow-Up

MuMu, Jun 26, 12 9:18 AM.
Gratz on those that survived the first attendance check!
next check will be on July 31, 2012.  And after that we will do checks on the last day of every month!
in the next check any characters that has not been logged on for more than 30 days will be expelled!
this time alt characters are included so please make sure to sign in with all your accounts!
again if you think we made a mistake or wish for another chance contact Mioo and we will work it out! (I'm pretty lenient!)
Good luck and I hope to see ppl on!

Guild shop!

MuMu, Jun 26, 12 8:00 AM.
Running test on guild shop hoping to have online soon!

Mostly Completed!

MuMu, Jun 25, 12 3:25 PM.
lol pretty much done cept for some random things i dunno wut to do lol
ill take my time on those but for now we got guild and events updated.
hoping to form alliance with Camelot so that they can join in our events.
the more the merrier they say.
also eon might be planning pvp tourney so keep checking for updates!
Hiya All!
It has been over a year since our guild has been established. Me and Exa started this guild back during winter of 2010 and now it has bloomed to the state its in now. I am super proud of all of our members! All new members are welcome! If you wish to join just contact Mioo in game or send in an application under your guild menu in game. We are a simple bunch that just wants to have fun so nothing is mandatory although I do hope you participate. WE do care about being active so please make sure you sign on at least once in once a month (30 days) or we will expel you for inactivity. Lastly, welcome to our guild webpage and enjoy DFO to your hearts content! Take pride in being a part of HoKagoTeaTime Lvl 13 Guild in DFO.

Also a big THANK YOU to my friends in Camelot guild for introducing me to this website. There are some really awesome people there!
An Alliance agreement has been formed with them by Mioo.
Please support any member of Camelot that you see online that needs help and you can count on them too! <3<3

About this website

On this website, we will be posting all upcoming update information, guild events, any changes to guild, and whatever wacky ideas I can come up with lol. Please feel free to use this website to contact me or any officers with questions or just chat with other guild members! We will post any interesting information we find in our forums too so be sure to check that and contribute if you know something we do not!

About HoKagoTeaTime

Many are wondering where this guild name comes from. Well, HoKagoTeaTime is Japanese for After School Tea Time, which is the band name in my favorite anime "K-On!". I highly recommend it since it is both funny and adorable. Please look into it if you have time! We are an anime/manga loving guild that loves to share information or just talk about anime or manga in general!

PS. My ign Mioo comes from the name of my favorite character in that anime. Can you guess who?

A bit about DFO

Dungeon Fighter Online, or DFO, is a neat side scrolling mmorpg created by Nexon. Its fighting style is kinda like an arcade which makes it original and fun unlike other click and kill games (which I find boring and it makes my finger cramp...). This game depends on your own skills and how you build character. With currently 8 different classes (and still increasing) and 2-4 subclasses for each, there are alot of ways to customize your character. Also each character has approximately 3 standard builds that is modded to your liking. The current level cap in this game is 70 but even after you reach it, there are challenges and rare treasure that will keep you alert and on your toes. For any questions, please feel free to contact any officer of the guild. They are all very helpful and nice people who are very knowledgeable about the game.
To play please sign up at  and follow instructions to download the game!

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